Innovative Life Science and Smart Materials (iLS)

  • Renewable and Alternative Energy
  • Environmental Technology and Biotechnology
  • Natural Products and Food Engineering
  • Smart Materials and Biomaterials Fabrication and Applications
  • Health Science and Biomedical Engineering
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Innovative Advanced Production and Industrial Engineering (iAP)

  • Production Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Operations Research
  • Automation in Manufacturing
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
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Innovative Sharing Economy and Sustainable Science (iSE)

  • Sustainable Environment for Business and Tourism Practices
  • Applied IT in Business and Tourism practice
  • E-commerce services and infrastructure
  • Consumer Behavior and Social Media
  • Business Intelligence: B2C/B2B transactions
  • Corporate governance, accounting, and finance;
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Sustainability in Architecture and Urban Design
  • Heritage preservation
  • Civil engineering
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Innovative Education Science and Quality Assurance (iES)

  • Renovation of Higher education
  • Quality assurance systems, procedures and methodologies
  • Benchmarking
  • Ranking and Rating
  • Collaboration, Networks and Platforms
  • New Approaches in Quality Assurance
  • Innovative Pedagogies
  • Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and Beyond
  • Global Trends in Higher Education
  • Innovative Learning and Teaching Spaces and Modalities
  • Teaching technologies and pedagogies
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