Vietnam Association for Science Editing (VASE)

The association operates nationwide with an international orientation, in the field of research, appraisal, consulting and editing of scientific and technological works, science and technology projects, science and technology projects. technology at the request and request of state agencies and social organizations; Review scientific and technological publications, scientific articles to improve academic quality and quality as well as organize national and international conferences and seminars to exchange academic information and at the same time. improve the research quality of Vietnamese scientific and technological works.

Editing scholarly articles and journals. Cooperating with organizations for the listing of scientific journals in the international index database, publishing publications of all kinds on scientific journals in accordance with the law; organize scientific and technical information on scientific journals; widely disseminate basic knowledge, achievements, research works in research and application of science and technology to members and everyone in accordance with the law. Participate in consulting, criticism and social assessment activities of projects, works and research topics in the field of editing academic journals at the request and request of state agencies and organizations. social function.

Foster project partnerships between scientific journal editorial communities, initiating other projects necessary for the development of scientific journals.